Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why yes I have some wax paper!

So this wonderful find was from a Antique store in Sandy,UT. My sister and I plus our little girls were checking out an antique store after a girls lunch one afternoon. I came across this WONDERFUL paper towel/wax paper holder. I knew it needed to come live in my kitchen! I talked the guy down from $15 to $12. Now I use my wax paper (that I forgot even lived in the bottom of my drawer) all the time now. Plus the pop of yellow and the little picture on the front are just enough to make me happy to clean up spills.


  1. I love your blog as I just stumbled on it! Your style is very similar to mine. I am from the SLC area myself for 22 years and currently live in Tucson. Wish you lived next door and perhaps we could be thrifting buddies. No one in my neighborhood likes to go "thrifting" and think I am crazy, lol!

  2. PS, I am also a member of the LDS church. :o)

  3. Hi Heather! I have been a huge blog slacker :( But it is a fresh year and I have many thrift store finds to post. It seriously is so addictive!
    P.S. being LDS rules!