Friday, January 6, 2012

Take a Seat!

First off I am so mad I forgot to take a before picture of this chair! It was super faded navy blue covered in dusty dirt and grime. I found it at the DI for I think $5.00 bucks. Many coats of spray paint and a thrift store find pillow later I am in love! I seriously sat in this chair all last summer while I watched my kids play, ate many of BBQ dinners and read books etc. etc. etc.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why yes I have some wax paper!

So this wonderful find was from a Antique store in Sandy,UT. My sister and I plus our little girls were checking out an antique store after a girls lunch one afternoon. I came across this WONDERFUL paper towel/wax paper holder. I knew it needed to come live in my kitchen! I talked the guy down from $15 to $12. Now I use my wax paper (that I forgot even lived in the bottom of my drawer) all the time now. Plus the pop of yellow and the little picture on the front are just enough to make me happy to clean up spills.

Now I Want to Bake!

Something about having these shiney little treasures make me want to throw on an apron and bake (in high heels of course)! Sifter was $1.00 and the fantasic hand mixer $1.50 :) Plus did I mention my kids have a blast helping when we have fun things like this to use. It's all about the memories!

Pretty Boxes Large and Small

I love my little daughter Reece, but man does she have tons of "things" large to small. Here are some fun finds that help contain it :) Large light pink chest (with wheels) was $5.00 to hold some of her toys. My favorite are these great vintage Jewelry Boxes twirling ballerinas and all! The large one was $2.00 and the small $1.00! She loves to listen to the sweet music they play when she is falling asleep.

.75 EACH

Here are just a few of my .75 finds from my local DI. I love having fun little choices and character in my cupboards. Sometimes it's okay not to match! Give me a variety of great pieces over the typical boring plastic cups and matching white bowls.

$10.00 Office Chair

Love my thrift store office chair that I found for $10.00! It seriously was such an amazing find! I added a cute little pillow to sit on for comfort and a pop of color. I have never been a fan of a typical looking boring office chair. They might be comfortable and give you back support etc. So finding this made me ever so happy :) Man do my kids ever fight over who gets to sit in the "rolling chair." I had to grab that thing as soon as I saw it! I promise you this it will be around my house forever :)

Christmas Star $2.00

I found this great star for $2.00! Added it to my winter wreath that was hanging on my door. Plus a little extra ribbon I had and a bulb off my tree I think it came out really cute!